40 Pictures in Supermarkets That Give New Meaning to the Term “Shop Until You Drop”

Shopping is a mundane task that people do around the world to buy what they want and what they need and is a part of your daily lives. However, these pictures show that supermarkets can have some strange things and often funny things happen in them. So here are 40 pictures of things that don’t normally happen in supermarkets:

A Cheesy Flaming Smile

This woman seems pretty happy to be in a Flaming Hot Cheetos costume, and with that beautiful smile of hers, who wouldn’t buy one of them? And not only because of the smile, but the matching colors of her clothing, the cheesy and suggestive background make this picture not only funny, but full of good feelings, and the hopes that at the end of the day, she sold every single one of these packages of Cheetos.

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